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Posted in Camera Equipment, Photography, Photography Inspiration, Reviews by monomoda on January 2, 2009
Front. Canon PowerShot G10.

Front. Canon PowerShot G10.

I got a Canon PowerShot G10 for Christmas and I have to say it’s hands down the best compact camera I’ve ever used. It starts up quickly, it’s has an extremely solid build and aesthetically I’m growing to quite like it’s retro styling.

Just a couple of weeks before getting the G10 I had bought one of those point-and-shoot Sony CyberShot W130 to take photographs at a Lykke Li Concert. Okay,¬† so the Sony Cybershot and G10 are pitched at a completely different crowd, however the experience of using a near-fully-automatic point and shoot in comparison¬† to having a familiar and fully stocked manual mode can’t compare.

Dials. Canon PowerShot G10.

Dials. Canon PowerShot G10.

First time I charged it up and switched it on I was stunned at how quickly the thing started up, it’s literally less than a second for the lens to extend. The lens retracts a little bit slower when switching off, but still feels extremely cool. The menu is intelligible to anyone who uses other Canon cameras so I kind of hit the ground running.

Back. Canon PowerShot G10.

Back. Canon PowerShot G10.

At 14.9 megapixels one can take some amazingly clear shots with very low noise at 80 and 100 ISO although the noise does creep in quite quickly at anything past 200 ISO. For this sake I’d say it’s perfect during the day, if you want to take night shots though, I would still use an SLR. That is unless you can get a suitably decent exposure at ISO 80 or 100 as the shutter’s slowest time on the G10 is 15 seconds.

The G10 also supports RAW capture which is always useful. At the time of writing I haven’t tried it out but I’ve heard it’s a different CR2 RAW format from the ones used before so Camera RAW and such software other than the bundled Canon software can’t read it yet. However, great to have it there.

In short, if you’re serious about your photography you need to buy this camera. It’s just that simple.


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