No Matter Where You Go…

…There you are.

Hello and welcome!

I’m a twenty-four year old architecture student living in London who, for a new years Resolution decided to start a blog is about the three things in life that bring me the most happiness; design & creativity, inspiration and photography.

Design & Creativity: I’m always looking at other people’s work. Some of it I don’t understand. Others resonate with me on some level. These are the pieces which I like to dissect, to take apart and think, what is it about this or that that makes me like it or connect with it? When I find things like this I will be posting them under this category. The aim is the share and learn different working processes, techniques and ideas so we can all make better artwork.

Inspiration: I’m addicted to refinement. I enjoy creating systems and methods of doing things, then finding the most efficient way of doing it, until the process is completely refined. Additionally, it’s always great to find ways of doing things that get you towards your goals faster, whether these be ways of thinking, different perspectives, sayings, quotes, anecdotes and such. From time to time I’m thinking I might post my goals and aspirations here, then keep coming back and seeing how I’m doing !

Photography: I never set out to become a photographer. In fact, I failed my first year at university because of failing my photography module. All I know is, I’ve always been facinated by cameras, even before I knew what all of the jargon and settings meant. It’s almost like being drawn to it in an surreal way… I picked up my first DSLR in March 2007 and I haven’t looked back since. I started by indescriminately taking pictures of things, then I realised you can use it as a tool for communication and more recently emotion and mood. I’m particularly interested in the post-processing stage, colour correction as a means of altering what an image conveys and such.

I’m going to try and keep it to these three main types of things, however I might get sidetracked and post a review or a rant about something totally unrelated!
Above all I hope this  blog will be as enjoyable for you to read as it is to write!



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